What links Mauritius and RPA? This story starts with BrightKnight offering RPA development training to their clients. The goal of this training is to internalize the company’s RPA functionalities and to continue growing them autonomously afterwards.

SD Worx, a leading provider of global Payroll and HR services, is the very first client BrightKnight worked with. Over the years they have started the process of internalizing the skills required for a successful RPA set-up, including an in-house development team based in the Mauritius Isles. Over a year ago we sent one of our own over there to train them in RPA development.

Now, one year later, Jonas Bertels, another of our consultants, has gone back to train a new group of RPA developers and further enhance the RPA knowledge of the existing developers.

For Jonas, this was an enriching experience:

It was a really nice experience as this was the first time that I gave a training to a group of people. I have coached people and taught them subjects on a 1 on 1 basis but giving training in a group was a totally new field to explore. Nevertheless, it was a very fun and interesting few weeks where I was able to teach every one of the trainees’ things they did not yet know and helped them to get just that step closer to becoming an E2E RPA expert.”

He also provided us with some key take-aways from this experience:

1. Your training will never be 100% prepared.

Preparing a training from scratch takes a lot of time. It is important though to accept that it will never be 100% ready, and you might have to adapt it on the fly to tailor it to the needs of your trainees. If you let the stress go of having a perfectly prepared training, you can enjoy the teaching that much more.

2. Keep it as interactive as possible.

It can sometimes be easier to describe the theory and the content on your slides, but creating an environment where questions are encouraged to be asked, will allow each trainee to learn more based on their questions. This interactivity coupled with frequent exercises seems the best way to actually teach something new to people. Having exercises that closely mimic the real deal are the proverbial cherry on the pie for their learning progress.

Thank you Akshee, Doorgesh, Nadia, Neermal, Swaraj, Harris, Yogesh & Guillaume for making this training a success!

Author: Jonas Bertels