Integrating virtual assistants in a human-centered way

Cognitive Automation is our core business.

We are BrightKnight

Better customer experience, productivity and cost reduction are today’s challenges for many organizations. Enter process automation is a game changer technology which automates repetitive tasks to free up employees and deliver a real added value while guaranteeing accurate results and faster processing times.


We are a professional IT services company, providing Automation solutions. BrightKnight combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology and expertise with NLP and OCR solutions to design complete automated solutions for your processes



with us 

As a Belgian organization, we are close to our customers and working in a human centered way is one of our fundamental values. Our international partners ensure a strong professional network.
Having an open, collaborative spirit ensures we stay up to date with new technologies to ensure our solution is always the one you need.




A virtual assistant is a digital colleague that helps with routine tasks. We focus on integrating them using technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to interact with existing systems.

Let us guide you through your journey

     We analyze how virtual assistants fit into your company.


     We help you identify your automation potential.


     We integrate your virtual assistants in collaboration with your people.

Focus on what really matters

Virtual assistants allow your employees to focus on more value adding activities by doing the repetitive tasks better, faster and cheaper, thus helping you to maintain a competitive edge while also increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

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Do you feel that you have got what’s required to become a business analyst, a developer, a problem solver ? You want to be a part of something big and generate an impact on the current professional world ? Better, a part of you constantly dreams about automatization ? “Work hard, play harder” is your motto ? YES ? Than take a look at the right, maybe there’s a job offer for you … Don’t hesitate to apply or contact !

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